Payroll Services

You are awesome! So glad you are on our team!

– Rod, DDM

Our experienced payroll administrators will manage all areas of your payroll processing and administration.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Employer Identification Number application, if necessary
  • Payroll processing of wages, checks and direct deposits
  • Social security and Medicare tax calculations
  • Federal and State unemployment tax calculations
  • Federal and State income taxes withheld calculations
  • Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly employer Federal and State filings
  • W2 processing and W3 year-end filings
  • New employee enrollment
  • Employee payroll information updates and maintenance

You are responsible for collecting and submitting to us by specific processing deadlines any necessary employee information, including total hours worked.

We offer a variety of payroll processing cycles so you can select the schedule that best suits your practice’s needs. Processing can occur on either a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly cycle.