Human Resources Assistance

I’m an orthopaedic surgeon in the Boston area and your firm assisted in my tax prep this year.  I had an exceptionally positive experience with your office staff and assistants and plan on returning regularly for my tax preparation and accounting needs. Thank you!

– Donald, MD

We understand that is it difficult to balance the demands of both business owner and healthcare provider. We can help you minimize the time spent on employee related issues by preparing clear and concise documents that will outline the HR policies and procedures of your practice.

Our team will meet with you, review your office policies, and prepare the documents that are important to the day to day management of your busy practice. All documents will comply with State and Federal law.

Personalized Benefit Statements

We prepare a personalized benefits statement for each employee so they understand the value of their total compensation package. These customized statements outline direct and indirect compensation and include base and overtime pay, sick, vacation, insurance premiums paid, and 401K match.

Employee Handbook, includes Memorandum of Paid Time Off and Benefits

Every practice should have an in-depth document that addresses the day-to-day employment related issues that arise when managing a practice. We can prepare a comprehensive Employee Handbook that will outline not only benefits and time off polices but address other workplace concerns such as dress code, social media usage, personal use of the internet and cell phone to name a few.

Includes Memorandum of Paid Time Off and Benefits:

We will prepare a memorandum that will serve as a quick reference guide for your employees. This benefits summary will help clarify important employment issues such as vacation, sick, holiday, bereavement leave and inclement weather policies. The memorandum will also include information regarding health insurance, retirement and other benefits provided.

WISP Compliance

WISP (Written Information Security Plan) regulations differ from the privacy focus of HIPAA regulations as they were chiefly designed to prevent identity theft. We will work with you to identify procedures in your practice that may be covered by WISP regulation and provide you with WISP documentation.

Confidentiality Agreements

We prepare a confidentiality agreement for you to use with employees who have access to sensitive information. The agreements help to ensure both parties understand what information is confidential and not available to the public or competitors.