Household Employer Payroll

You guys have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Monique and I appreciate the effort.

– Justin, Certified Financial Analyst

Do you have a household employee that you’re paying?

If so, are you complying with the “Nanny Tax” rules? Currently, as many as five different taxes may apply to household employees:

  • Social security and Medicare taxes
  • Federal unemployment taxes
  • Federal income taxes withheld
  • State unemployment taxes
  • State withholding taxes withheld

By using Schwartz & Schwartz to manage your Nanny and Household Employee payroll and tax filings, you can rest assured that you will be in full compliance with all Federal, state and local regulations. We help you with the entire process: from applying for an Employer Identification Number, calculating the tax withholdings, and issuing paychecks.


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