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Values Collision: How To Ruin A Great Day At Work

By Guest Writer Don Khouri, Managing Director, Fortune Management Northeast Have you ever had a day like this? You prep for your Monday morning team huddle; notes, handouts, metrics, everything is just the way you like it. It's 7:45 AM and you are ready to go! Then,...

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Best Year Ever

By Guest writer Don Khouri, Managing Director, Fortune Management Northeast After ten weeks of staying at home (except for an occasional trip to the supermarket), my hair was pretty long. When I finally got my haircut, I only needed one haircut. I didn't need two or...

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Tabitha’s Tips – Overhead High? This Will Help

    From our Friends at ShelleyRenee Practice Consulting: I am not a fan of statements. ?They should not be standard practice. ?Do you track the number of statements that are sent out each month? What does the number of statements sent represent???? Each...

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