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Foreign Account Reporting Basics

Below is a brief summary of reporting foreign accounts, gifts and inheritances. Please note that the penalties for non-compliance can be onerous. If you inherit or receive a gift from a foreign person of more than $100k: Complete a Form 3520 (About Form 3520, Annual...

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5 Methods for Curing Imposter Syndrome

From Guest writer Brenda Loan Baker, Fortune Management Have you ever felt like you're not good enough to do the job you've been hired to do — and that everyone might figure it out at any moment? Or maybe you've felt like you're only pretending to be an adult who's...

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New Hiring and Training Grant Available for MA Employers

Recently, the Governor of Massachusetts announced a new employer grant program to boost hiring.  Called "HireNow", the program provides eligible employers with a $4,000 per employee grant, which can be used to cover training costs or as a signing bonus for new...

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Three V’s to Success and Happiness

By guest writer George Baker, Fortune Management Have you met that person who seems to have it all and just isn’t happy? They lack vim and vigor. They complain, blame, and carry on about what’s wrong and who is at fault. My prescription for these folks is the 3 V’s to...

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Dental Office Compliance Of New England Is Here To Help

Do you know what you need to satisfy all state and federal regulations?  Dental Office Compliance of New England is here to help you and reduce your stress.  Lisa Kane DMD and her team customize all of your OSHA, CDC, and HIPAA policies.  They have an online portal...

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Five Structural Components Your Practice Must Have

Your house has a structure. Most new homes use metal framing, and some older homes are supported by wood beams. The basic components of your house’s structure are the foundation, floors, walls, beams, and columns. Similarly, your practice has a structure. The...

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SECURE Act Deadline Reminder

By Alex E. Oliver, Wealth Manager, First National Corporation The SECURE Act changed the deadline for establishing a profit sharing plan or cash balance plan in order for employer contributions to be made for the 2021 tax year. Previously, this would have been...

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Create A Winning Plan

Guest Writer Brenda Loan Baker, Executive Coach, Fortune Management Northeast Here we are, the first week of January. The traditional time goals for the new year is upon us! What is the difference between the people who set their goals and reach or surpass them and...

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