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Thinking About Giving Up Your PPOs?

Dentistry has really changed in just a handful of years.  Due to the consolidation we’re all witnessing, dental practice owners are now competing with huge dental factories taking every possible type of insurance.  How can the single practice owner even think about...

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Third Quarter Tax Estimates Due 9/15

Third quarter estimated taxes are due 9/15.  If we set up for you to pay quarterly estimates, you should have recently received your personalized estimate reminder in the mail. For anyone paying estimated taxes, we now recommend that you make those payments online. ...

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MA Practice Owners: Mandatory Sick Time Rules

Our Payroll Department often gets asked about Sick Time Rules so we've recapped below: In short, the MA Sick Law allows ALL employees (part-time, full-time, temps etc) to accrue Sick Time starting the first day of work at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked...

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The Key Ingredient to Being More Mindful

From Guest Writer George Loan Baker, Fortune Management: During a recent coaching call, a discussion that began with time management and making more space in the day led my client to an exasperating “if I only had a minute to breathe”. That got me thinking. Adults...

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PPP2 Loan Forgiveness Applications Should Be Submitted Soon

If you haven’t already filed for forgiveness of your PPP2 loan, please do so soon.  Otherwise, your PPP2 lender will require that you begin making payments on that loan.  Any payments made will be refunded when the PPP loan is ultimately forgiven, but why not just...

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How To Save $100,000 On Your Expiring Lease

By Guest Write Stefan Zelich, President/Founder of FOCUS Healthcare Realty Rent is typically a dental practice’s 2nd or 3rd highest expense behind payroll, but it’s also one of the most negotiable.  This ability to negotiate one of the highest expenses to a practice...

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5 Methods for Curing Imposter Syndrome

From Guest writer Brenda Loan Baker, Fortune Management Have you ever felt like you're not good enough to do the job you've been hired to do — and that everyone might figure it out at any moment? Or maybe you've felt like you're only pretending to be an adult who's...

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New Hiring and Training Grant Available for MA Employers

Recently, the Governor of Massachusetts announced a new employer grant program to boost hiring.  Called "HireNow", the program provides eligible employers with a $4,000 per employee grant, which can be used to cover training costs or as a signing bonus for new...

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