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Summary of Proposed Tax Law Changes

Looks like tax changes are on the way.  Below are some of the recommendations that President Biden’s team and the House Ways and Means Committee have each proposed recently that will impact the federal income taxes paid by successful healthcare professionals if...

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Last Month’s Posts

Update On The ERC

One more ERC update as we prepare to contact our practice owner clients with an approximation of the amount of the Employee Retention Tax Credit their practice should be eligible to receive.  Earlier this month, the IRS announced that the wages of owners of more than...

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Posts From Our Professional Network

Create A Winning Plan

Guest Writer Brenda Loan Baker, Executive Coach, Fortune Management Northeast Here we are, the first week of January. The traditional time goals for the new year is upon us! What is the difference between the people who set their goals and reach or surpass them and...

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Alex’s Advice Corner – Year end Reminders

From Alex Oliver, CFP, CRPS - Wealth Advisor - First National Corporation With two months to go until 2021, First National Corporation wants to ensure you are doing everything within your financial plan to mitigate taxes. Here are a few quick reminders to consider as...

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