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Returning Money to a 529 Plan

If you run into a situation where your child stops attending their college or university part way through a semester and as a result tuition and other college costs that were paid using your child’s 529 plan are returned to you, what options are available to you with...

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ADA Announces New Resource For Addressing Your Wellbeing

Important news for dentists including those who are clients of Schwartz and Schwartz!  The ADA has just made available a valuable resource for assessing and addressing your wellbeing.  Clinical practice is rewarding yet challenging: 46% of dentists are distressed.  If...

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When to Switch Credit Card Processing Providers

From guest writer Megan Levy, Transaction Resources   There are several key indicators that can signal the need to change providers, such as poor customer service, deceptive pricing practices, and confusing merchant statements. The ability to reliably accept...

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