Meet Our Whole Team

As a client, you’ll be most familiar with your tax preparer or client manager. 

But they don’t act alone.

We’ve got an entire team working to ensure you’re provided with the highest quality of services.  Our team members are highly qualified, participate regularly in continuing education, and hold memberships in applicable associations, such as the MA Society of CPAs, AICPA, and AAM.

While some didn’t make picture day this year, we take a moment below to recognize the great efforts of our entire team!

Administrative Teams

Administrative Teams

Our Administrative Team handles all of our Client Services, Firm Operations, and Marketing.

Team members include:

  • Julianne Beauregard, Director of Operations and Marketing
  • Sharon Dineen, Firm Administrator
  • Jennifer Luoma, Senior Client Services Associate
  • April Moore, Operations Associate
Payroll team

Payroll team

Our Payroll Team completes all Payroll Services for our Practice Accounting clients and payroll for individuals who employ Household Employees, such as nannies.

Team Members include:

  • Greta Malstrom, Manager
  • Libby Coveno
  • Christine Ferrara
  • Kim Quattrocchi
  • Rachana Shah
Practice Accounting Team

Practice Accounting Team

Our Practice Accounting Team provides accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance and other services to healthcare practices.

Team Members include:

  • Andrew Schwartz, CPA, Managing Partner
  • Sam Brien, senior staff accountant
  • Anita Cziraki, CPA
  • Brandon DaRosa, staff accountant
  • Jake Heath, EA
  • Jeremy Jones, CPA
  • Matt Marelli, staff accountant
  • Kevin Miller, CPA
  • Hung Nguyen, staff accountant
  • Jessica Simonds, staff accountant
  • Jitka Stastna, staff accountant
  • Sharon Stevelman, manager, Bookkeeping services
  • Sara Tamang, staff accountant
Tax Services to Individuals

Tax Services to Individuals

Our Tax Department provides tax return preparation services to over 3,000 healthcare professionals annually.

Team Members include:

  • Richard Schwartz, CPA, Managing Partner
  • Mike Bohigian, CPA
  • Shazia Khateeb, EA
  • Emily Lafata, EA
  • Liz Mogauro, paraprofessional
  • Patricia O’Boyle, staff accountant
  • Amanda Welch, CPA