Alex OliverPresented by Alex Oliver, CFP, CRPS, Investment Advisor, First National Corporation

Recorded 4/7/2021

The beauty of compound interest lies in the math behind what a 6% rate of return earns you when your investments grow from $100,000 ($6,000) to $1 million ($60,000) to $5 million ($300,000). This is why it could take you 10-15 years to reach that first million, but thereafter, each subsequent million will take much less time: conceivably as low as 1-2 years.

By knowing this fact and making projections based on your current savings rate, you can more comfortably “live now” by knowing where you stand based on your age.

In this webinar, we look to explain how many of our 80+ year old clients ended up with more money than they ever needed, postulating whether they could have or should have retired or spent earlier if they could have seen their future financial plan.