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Schwartz & Schwartz, PC is a Woburn-based CPA firm that specializes in healthcare professionals and their practices. Since 1993, Schwartz & Schwartz has provided tax preparation, accounting, payroll, and practice management services to physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers.

The firm was founded by brothers Andrew Schwartz, C.P.A., and Richard Schwartz, C.P.A., and has grown to employ over thirty staff members year-round and additional temporary staff during tax season.

We work with more than 300 healthcare and dental practices year-round and complete over 3,000 individual tax returns annually. For owners of practices, we offer a menu of services to help strengthen you as a business owner and employer, and to improve your practice management. 

At Schwartz & Schwartz, we strive to provide you with exceptional customer service so you can spend more time with your patients. In addition to your client manager, you always have our dedicated Help Desks available to you to answer any questions you have.

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