From Guest Writer Don Khouri, Fortune Management Executive Coach

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, attracting and retaining top talent is about creating an environment where employees feel trusted, valued, and excited about their contributions. In other words, it is more than just offering a great salary. Here’s how you can build an incredible team, inspired by insights from modern leadership practices.

Understanding the Job Market Dynamics

The unemployment rate stands at a low 3.9%, with a booming trend in new business applications, indicating a shift in career aspirations and entrepreneurial spirits. This transformation requires us to rethink our strategies to attract and engage the best talent. As more seasoned professionals retire and technology reshapes our industry, your approach must evolve.

Differentiating Your Practice

Your organizational culture should be distinct and resonate deeply with your team and potential hires. Embrace what makes your company unique, even if it’s not universally loved.

  • What makes you different than all the other dental practices? When you can effectively communicate those differentiators, you will attract the right people.
  • Get clear about your vision, team agreements, communication, and relationships. These are the four pillars of culture.
  • Define Your Values: Clearly articulate what stands your company apart. At a time when retailers are looking to shift to positive profits for the year, Outdoor retailer REI closes on Black Friday communicating that they value employee well-being over profits.
  • Build an Intentional Culture: Regularly evaluate what to start, stop, and continue doing to foster a positive work environment.

Building Trust and Connection

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful team. To foster trust:

  • Encourage Personal Connections: Implement practices like ‘Morning Huddles’ to discuss dreams and support needs, which can lead to significant increases in employee engagement.
  • Check-In Regularly: Shift from routine checks to meaningful interactions. Ask your team about their recent achievements, challenges, and what they hope for.

Reducing Friction and Fostering Engagement.

Engagement blossoms in environments where friction is minimal. Identify points of friction and make small, impactful changes to ease workflows and processes. In other words, what’s getting in the way of optimal productivity? For instance:

  • Ask the Right Questions: Such as “Where is the friction?” and “What small change can make a big impact?”
  • Encourage Problem-Solving: Inspire your team to adopt a mindset of fixing what bugs them.

In a landscape where the only constant is change, the key to attracting and hiring the best involves building a trustworthy, engaging, and distinctive workplace. Leaders must be proactive in understanding and implementing strategies that align with the intrinsic values and aspirations of their team. Start today by assessing how well your organization builds trust, reduces friction, and celebrates its unique culture.

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