Here are some questions frequently asked to our payroll team and the response provided by our payroll manager, Greta.

Q: I have one part time employee who is pregnant and wants to have the PMFL. Please let me know what I need to do.  Do I enroll her into it or does she apply on her own?

A: Your employee needs to enroll on her own.  Here is the link to apply for PFML  Choose an account type ( The employee will choose “I am applying for paid leave benefits”.

You as the employer should create an account as well, so you can monitor the applications and review them.  As the employer you will choose “I am a leave administrator and manage claims for my organization.” Additional info for creating your employer account is available at:  Creating an employer account to review Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) applications | And general info can be found at:


Q: I have a relatively new employee who has worked here since Dec 5th 2023 but we just extended the trial period to 5 months after 3 month evaluation period and he agreed.  So he is still in trial period now.  Can we let him go by just sending an email notification on the day he will not be working and send text message to him?  He doesn’t have any PTO, only 2+ hrs of sick time accrued. Can we pay off all these with his last E-paycheck?

A: Please note that you do not need to pay earned sick time to an employee when you terminate the employee. You only have to pay available PTO if the employee is accruing the PTO. This employee is not yet accruing PTO. He is only accruing the earned sick time, so you do not need to pay the available sick time.

Also, when you fire someone, you need to give the manual check to the terminated employee at that time.