You’ve probably heard the news of the IRS plan to boost their staff by tens of thousands of new hires over the next several years. And along with the IRS’s hiring spree will most likely be more tax return audits!

Unfortunately, receiving an IRS notice with the words “Your income tax return has been selected for audit examination” can be both stressful and costly. We charge hourly fees to represent a client in an IRS or state tax examination with an IRS or state tax auditor. Factoring in overall staff time representing a client, our fees for a typical audit can cost several thousand dollars.

To help alleviate our client concerns and to offer a level of assurance when it comes to the possibility of a tax audit, Schwartz & Schwartz is now offering a new “Audit Insurance” Protection Plan exclusively for our clients. For an annual fee, Schwartz & Schwartz will represent you at no additional cost for our staff’s time regarding an IRS or state audit examination of your income tax return for the 2022 tax year.

Please contact Karen Martell in our front office at (781) 938-0045 to learn more and enroll in our new premium service.