From Guest writer Brenda Loan, Fortune Management Company Executive Coach

Whenever a lot of people work together for many hours, you can expect some sort of negativity to develop. A dental office is one such setting. Dealing with negativity in a dental office can be difficult, but it is essential to maintain a healthy work environment. How can you keep your dental office free of negativity? Here are some solutions to diffuse negativity in your dental practice.

Identify the problem

In order to combat office negativity, you need to identify the problem for which you need to talk to your staff and get to the root of the problem. You need to know where the problem is stemming from so that you can correct the issue from its root. The majority of the time, employees feels like their problems are not being heard and addressed, which can lead to negativity. Once you are aware of who is unhappy and why then you can deal with the issue.

Make sure your employees give their input in decision-making.

Negativity can arise in a dental practice if employees feel that they do not have any say in the decisions made. Whenever it is possible, try to take your employee’s opinions on decisions regarding dental practice policies and procedures. Try to explain to your employees why some policies need to be changed or added so that everyone is one the same page. Do not let anyone feel left out or as if their voice or opinion does not matter.

Deal with habitual complainers

Some employees are habitual complainers and will complain about everything. They will always express their negative thoughts and will pass negative remarks that will depress others. Constant complaints have a negative impact on everybody working in the same environment and ruin the entire morale of the office.

You need to deal with such negative people before they pollute the whole office. Sit down and have a discussion with them regarding the problem. Make sure you tell positive solutions and different ways on how to fix the issues. If you have done everything from your side to correct the issue and the person is still complaining, then you need to terminate them. Make sure you record everything they say in the meeting so that you can use it as evidence to support your decision to terminate them.

Appreciate and reward your staff members

The employees at your dental office are your team members. They work hard every day to make your dental practice flourish, which is why it is very important that you value them and appreciate them on their hard work. Recognizing the efforts of your team and giving out rewards to those who do excellent work can boost morale and productivity within the dental office. Let them know that you are proud of them and appreciate their hard work.

Treating your staff with respect and trust 

If the employees of a company do not feel respected, they can quickly feel discontented and resentful. It is important to remember that whenever we treat people with respect, the attitude becomes mutual, and respect is returned. It is extremely essential to place trust in all your employees, just as they deserve. The key tip to reduce negativity in the office is to offer everyone the respect they deserve.

Communication is the key

Furthermore, in order to reduce conflicts and negativity, communication is always the key. To have excellent levels of communication is not just the key but is also an integral part of an office environment, before and after hiring. When employees are to be hired, it is extremely important that they are thoroughly informed about the job description as well as the expectations. You may even ask each team member to jot down a list of their responsibilities and job descriptions. This way, it is always easier to keep track on the office performance levels, to see what’s being accomplished and when. This may lead you to realize that some crucial tasks aren’t being fulfilled entirely, and you may give it attention.

In addition to this, it is always a good idea to conduct team meetings every now and then to ensure a smooth working day. In case of any disciplinary issues that need correction, make sure to address them as soon as possible through communication. Make it a point to meet one to one with all the parties to avoid further issues. In order for you to build a positive working environment, it is always a great idea to focus on the creation of positive experiences that make one happy and also help spread positivity.

A part of the communication aspect is the fact that there should be a clear understanding of your vision by the entire team. Make sure they know about the entire why and how’s of the company. Do not create an environment where the employees only come to collect their paychecks, but create an environment where common positive beliefs are understood and encouraged. It is also extremely important to avoid all forms of gossip to ensure peace within office boundaries. Make sure to acknowledge good actions. Show appreciation for whatever good has been achieved in the day.

Proper training of employees

Where communication is important, proper training of employees is also essential and imperative. Make it a priority to invest in your team. Do not hesitate when it comes to building a proper team. Train your employees about their expected tasks, their goals, and skills. Furthermore, make sure to build a system where every few months, the entire crew should be trained and not just the new employees.

In a nutshell

These tips can help you dismiss negativity and create a positive and productive work environment. Simply caring about your employees, listening to their issues, and respecting them can bring about many positive changes and boost morale.

Do you have negativity in your practice? Reach out to a Fortune Management coach to help you shift it back to positivity!