By Guest Writer George Loan Baker from Fortune Management

Many dentists will tell you coaching works. The scope and expertise is as varied as types and brands of automobiles. As most vehicles will provide you with transportation, most dental consultants will get improvement in your practice. What improvement happens depends on the coaching approach and on the commitment of the client as well.

As you search for a dental coach, you may be looking for one or many of the following focus areas:

  • Practice Growth
  • Team / leadership / culture
  • Front office systems
  • Finance and Wealth Management
  • Hygiene department focus
  • Dental Benefits / insurance negotiators
  • Property / building improvement
  • Fraud Detection
  • Human Resources Support
  • Startup-new practices

The following questions are important to consider when searching for a practice consultant/coach.

  1. Knowledge level/Certifications. Dental consulting and coaching is not a regulated industry, anyone can call themselves a coach, whether they’ve been trained or not. Look for training and certifications.
  2. Career/Life Experience. A wide breadth of business and leadership experience will help you cover issues outside of your clinical expertise.
  3. Is the coach a standalone entity, a small group practice or part of a larger network with varied specialties and experience?
  4. Initial consultation:Does the coach offer an initial consultation and/or analysis before recommending treatment? Would you start a dental procedure without digital imaging and an exam?
  5. Breakthrough moment:In your initial conversation with the coach, did you have a breakthrough, small or big? Did you connect/fit?
  6. Value:How clear is the value that you will receive? What is the potential return on your investment (ROI)? Every savvy business person considers ROI when making a decision.

Remember, if dental practice consulting firms had no worth or benefit, they could not stand up to harsh economic realities for long. The great firms will have a focus on your success.

At Fortune Management, we believe that it is possible to have an extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life. As a Fortune Coach, we wear three hats: Executive Coach, Practice Management Specialist, and Key Business Strategist. At our core, we are in the people development business. As people develop, they become better able to deal with stress, better able to communicate what they need as well as better able to see what others need. To schedule a complimentary Power Coaching Call and Practice Analysis click here