If your practice received a Provider Relief Fund Grant of more than $10k from HRSA, you are required to self-report that you utilized those funds properly.  The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) issued guidance available at: Provider Relief Fund Distributions and American Rescue Plan Rural Distribution – Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements – October 27, 2022 (hrsa.gov).

For Practices that received PRFs of more than $10k between 7/1/21 and 12/31/21, your self-reporting period starts 1/1/23 and ends 3/31/23.  We’ll be reaching out soon to our practice clients who received more than $10k in Provider Relief Funds during the second half of 2021 to help fulfill this filing requirement. More info is available at: https://www.hrsa.gov/provider-relief/reporting-auditing.

You can access the Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal at: https://prfreporting.hrsa.gov/s/.  The first step is to register to set up your account. Please register using your email address as the username, but then use practicehelp@schwartzaccountants.com as the contact email if you will be having us help you out with this self-reporting application. Our fee to assist with the self-reporting application is $750.