We’re excited to be presenting again at the MA Dental Society’s annual Yankee Dental Congress in January.  Space is limited so make sure to register soon:

Do Your Financial Due Diligence – Presented by Andrew D. Schwartz, CPA

  • Friday, Jan. 27, 2023 from 10am – 12 noon
  • Course Code 477RL
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When presented with an opportunity to purchase a practice, a dentist can be overwhelmed trying to evaluate the volume of practice data available to determine whether to move forward with the purchase. In this class, we will help you better understand what it means to “Do Your Financial Due Diligence”. You will learn how to evaluate financial data in several practice management areas, such as Collections & Overhead, Productivity, Staff Compensation, Standard Fee Schedule, and Projected “After-Tax, After Debt-Service Cash Flow”. We will discuss practice management averages, metrics and benchmarks common to practices in the area. We will review real world examples of how this information can be utilized as part of the Due Diligence process and help put the practice opportunity into perspective compared to other practices. This course is also valuable for Sellers so they can learn which aspects of their practices the Buyers will be evaluating when the time to sell their practices arrive.

Practice Transition in a COVID World – Presented by Ben Larkin, JD

  • Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023 from 8 – 9 am
  • Course Code 664SL
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In this course we will examine what has changed in the world of practice transition now that we are living in a word with COVID. For instance: Is now a better or worse time to transition a practice? Have the ways in which we value practices changed? Is there a different buyer pool? How are practices financed? Are dentists looking at different exit strategies than in the past?