Andrew Schwartz CPA and dental consultant Shelley Renee will be presenting a live streamed webinar at noon ET on Friday December 9 for dental practice owners considering going out of network with insurance companies.

A lot of dental practice owners are getting very frustrated with the way the relationship with PPOs has evolved over the years.  The most common complaints are large adjustments from their standard fees compounded by very modest annual increases to reimbursements.

As we are all aware, Question 2 in Massachusetts passed last month which requires dental insurance companies to spend at least 83% of premiums received on patient expenses. We’ll have to see how that plays out with future reimbursements to in-network providers.

The issue at hand is how individual practices owned by one or two dentists can compete long-term against corporate dentistry.  One theory is that smaller practices who adopt a high-touch fee-for-service model will attract enough patients in their space to maintain a high level of profits while leaving the less desirable PPO patients to multi-office factories taking all the insurances and hiring newer associates to handle the work.

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