Dentistry has really changed in just a handful of years.  Due to the consolidation we’re all witnessing, dental practice owners are now competing with huge dental factories taking every possible type of insurance.  How can the single practice owner even think about competing in this new environment?

Perhaps one solution is to move out of network with some or all of the PPOs and focus on patients willing to pay a premium for a higher level of service than they will get from a freshly graduated associate working at a DSO owned office.  Here are a few tools and resources available to dental practice owners who are strongly considering going out of network:

Attend the lecture on the evening of October 20th on Going OON:

Invest a few hours of your time (and just $55 for the ticket) during the evening of Thursday October 20th to learn a step-by-step action plan to begin to transition your practice out of network.  The presenter is national lecturer Leigh Ann Faight of Upstream Dental Practice Consulting.

During these inflationary times, dentists more and more want to explore going out of network. This presentation will provide a systematic approach to help dentists make the important decisions, while avoiding the most common mistakes, needed to propel the practice into a more financially rewarding orbit in today’s dental care universe. Leigh Ann’s presentation will include anecdotal information and experiences from local dental practices that have successfully made the transition.

This meeting is open to all dentists from all districts of the MDS and non-ADA members as well. 2 CE Credits will be provided to all attendees.  Learn more at:

Implement an In-Office Membership Plan to minimize attrition while moving out of network:

One patient retention strategy available to dentists moving out of network is to add an in-office membership program at the same time.

Cirrus Dental is one option that provides software, a framework, and support to run an in-office dental subscription membership program. Cirrus helps you offer an option that provides your patients what they want — regular maintenance and a way to pay for other care — while practice owners earn more and the patients spend less. More info is available at:

And reach out to Jeff Nauges from Chewsi at to learn about the in-office membership program being offered through their app. Chewsi now offers a platform for in-office membership plans.  There are no upfront expenses for the dental practice as it’s more of a pay as you go platform.  Chewsi supports the marketing and technology side of the membership plan for practices.  The practice can set the membership fee and retain 90% of the subscription fees and also sets their own discount for services not included in the plan. Chewsi only collects their transactional fee when members enroll and pay through their portal.