Leadership and management are two distinct functions at your practice.


Did you know that great business leaders don’t ask what their staff can do for them? Instead, great leaders ask what they can do to help their staff improve. Perhaps the next time a staff person makes a mistake, don’t complain that the employee hurt your practice.  Take a few minutes to realize that you may have let that employee down and consider ways to help them improve at their job.

Yes, that sounds backward, right?  But if you think about how leaders are in a position to help their underlings develop, you’ll agree that the relationship detailed above actually makes a lot of sense.


According to The One Minute Manager (a 45-minute must read business classic) available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/New-One-Minute-Manager/dp/0062367544,  effective managers follow these three steps when helping their staff do their jobs to the best of their abilities:

  • Clearly explain the work to be done
  • Find any reason to praise employees in public
  • When mistakes are made, reprimand in private and start the meeting by giving the staff person time to explain why they did what they did