Why did you decide to become a coach for women physicians?

Doctors — and women, frankly — are notorious for deprioritizing themselves. I have three daughters and I don’t want to normalize this for them. Society holds us to a very difficult standard in terms of how we spend our time. When/if we prioritize family or personal life, we risk being perceived as somehow lesser than. This feeds into imposter syndrome, struggles with work-life integration, and high rates of burnout in healthcare and in other fields as well. Having grappled with these issues personally, I know exactly how painful this can be, and also how valuable the tools of coaching can be for this. I help women create sufficiency in the ongoing juggle of home and work. I help them set goals, overcome obstacles, and get out of their own way. Most of all I help them have compassion for themselves. My clients amaze me with their strength, intelligence and humanity every single day. They often come to me struggling to recognize this in themselves.

In teaching the tools of coaching, I help them feel empowered to take action and determine a path forward.

This sort of support should be a required part of training for doctors, especially these days. We are going through such challenging times, yet there is stigma around seeking help, showing a level of vulnerability that implies you’re human, and being open to guidance.

Coaching is an incredibly powerful way to create the outcomes we want to see, in our own lives. It’s a process to take inventory of what you are and are not satisfied with, and take action to drive strategic change. The results that you can create with this kind of approach are infinite!

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