By guest writer George Baker, Fortune Management

Have you met that person who seems to have it all and just isn’t happy? They lack vim and vigor. They complain, blame, and carry on about what’s wrong and who is at fault.

My prescription for these folks is the 3 V’s to success: Vocation, Values, Vision

  1. Vocation. Find a job you love. This is the intersection of three things: what you enjoy doing, what others come to you for, and what has value in the universe. If you are not in love with your vocation, spend some time reflecting. What job in my life did I enjoy the most? What skills do others see me perform successfully (this step is scary; you need to ask others to get a real view of what they see as your value)? Where can I provide value (again, asking others what do they see as the need in the universe)? Am I best in private practice or in a large clinic? Am I best suited as a leader or a follower? What problems do I want to participate in solving?
  2. Values. What do I value? Order, cleanliness, and relationships or is it spontaneity, resourcefulness, and adventure? Knowing our values assists us in understanding when we are upset and helps us deal with upset in an empowering way. Opposing values are a major factor in upsets and sometimes result in a values collision. Recognizing the collision (competing values) is the first step to improving the relationship. Click here for a Root Value exercise.
  3. Vision. If we don’t know where we are going how will we know we are there? What is your vision for your life? What will be your story you tell your loved ones on your 100th birthday? Where have you lived? Who have you lived with? What adventures have you had? What did you accomplish? If you know the ending of your story you get to write the chapters about how you get there.

At Fortune Management we believe that it is possible to have an extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life. As a Fortune Advisor, we wear three hats: Executive Coach, Practice Management Specialist and Key Business Strategist. At our core, we are in the people development business. As people develop, they become better able to deal with stress, better able to communicate what they need as well as better able to see what others need.

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