Do you know what you need to satisfy all state and federal regulations?  Dental Office Compliance of New England is here to help you and reduce your stress.  Lisa Kane DMD and her team customize all of your OSHA, CDC, and HIPAA policies.  They have an online portal that holds all of your record keeping documents and keeps them current.  There is no more need for piles of binders in your office.  They give you reminders of due dates and tasks needed to satisfy requirements, keep your policies up to date, conduct office walkthroughs, are available for telephone calls, give CE classes in IC/OSHA, HIPAA, and Medical Emergencies, and so much more!

Here are some of the policies they can create for you:

  • ECP (OSHA) Book
  • SOPs
  • Logs
  • Employee Training Book
  • Medical & Biohazard Waste Policy
  • Medical Emergency Plan
  • COVID-19 Plan
  • Consents
  • Notice of Privacy Practice (NPP)
  • SDS, all available on desktop and phone app

Their clients tell them that they can now sleep at night knowing that their compliance is where it should be.  For more information, visit them at, call them at 781-471-0915, or email