Phase-2 Self-Reporting Season Starts Today

If your practice received a Provider Relief Fund Grant of more than $10k from HRSA, you are required to self-report that you utilized those funds properly.  On 6/11/21, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) issued guidance available at:

For Practices that received PRFs of more than $10k between 7/1/20 and 12/31/20, your self-reporting period starts 1/1/22 and ends 3/31/22.  We’ll be reaching out soon to our practice clients who received more than $10k in Provider Relief Funds during the second half of 2020 to help fulfill this filing requirement. More info is available at:

You can access the Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal at:  The first step is to register to set up your account. Please register using your email address as the username, but then use as the contact email if you will be having us help you out with this self-reporting application. Our fee to assist with the self-reporting application is $750.

 Phase 4 Payment Reconsideration

Unhappy with the phase-4 payment received by your practice? HRSA issued guidance on how to file for a payment reconsideration at

The PRF Reconsideration Process is intended for providers who believe their payment was not calculated correctly. 

  •  Providers will not have an opportunity to submit an application if they missed a deadline.
  • Providers will not be able to revise or correct their original application (e.g., elect to be considered for ARP Rural payment after their Phase 4/ARP Rural application was submitted).
  • HRSA will not consider reconsideration requests that would require a change to payment methodology or policy.

 The reconsideration window for ARP Rural and Phase 4 payments will open on February 1, 2022. Providers will be able to request reconsideration of their ARP Rural and/or Phase 4 payments. Details regarding the application process will be provided on this website by February 1, 2022. At a minimum, providers will need to provide in their reconsideration application information confirming their eligibility for ARP Rural and/or Phase 4 payment reconsideration, as well as information necessary to enable HRSA to link the reconsideration request with the original ARP Rural and Phase 4 application. This information is expected to include: a copy of the email or letter the provider received from HRSA communicating the ARP Rural and/or Phase 4 payment determination the provider would like HRSA to reconsider, as well as the taxpayer identification number, DocuSign envelope ID for the ARP Rural/Phase 4 application, and contact information from the original application.

 More info available at: