Do you:

  • Return to the office to complete an e-script after hours?
  • Find yourself paying for server upgrades and experiencing server crashes?
  • Spend 30 minutes waiting for a patient to complete their forms?
  • Still schedule one phase at a time for a treatment plan?
  • Never receive any evidence-based guidance from your dental software?

Oryx can improve your practice by moving your practice management software to the Cloud allowing you to access all your billing, patient information, scheduling, e-scripts, and insurance data from any device in any location. Your patients will have restricted access too allowing them to complete their forms at home before they arrive for their appointment.

The clinical component of Oryx, utilizing Evidence Based Dentistry and having it built right into your software, allows Oryx Practitioners to present compelling Risk Assessments with greater case acceptance. This also leads to higher patient referral rates because patients are so pleased with the care they are receiving. To learn please go to our website and watch the video:

If you are closer to making a Dental Software decision, please ask us about the Oryx Summer Symposium discount.  It’s easy to switch!

Below are two overviews of Oryx Dental Software to share with your team:


Lastly, everyone who views a demo by October 31 and signs up by year end will receive their 1st month for free. Please email Mike Logan at: for more info about Oryx or to set up a demo of this powerful cloud based practice management option.