We checked the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available at:


We found no updates on when you need to comply with the PRF self-reporting requirement.

Reporting Questions 

  1. How can I report on the use of funds? 

Providers will be notified when they should complete the second step of the process and report on the use of funds. This functionality is not currently available. You will be able to log into the PRF Reporting Portal at https://PRFReporting.hrsa.gov  hen the system is ready for providers to start reporting on the use of funds. 

  1. When will I be able to begin reporting on the use of funds? 

The operability of the PRF Reporting Portal for reporting on use of funds has been delayed. HRSA will announce the timeline for submission of these reports when it is available. 

  1. How will HRSA communicate to providers when the PRF Reporting Portal is open for the submission of reports on the use of funds? 

HRSA will communicate via broadcast email to the email address that was provided during registration. Providers can also check the Reporting Requirements and Auditing webpage for the latest updates about the PRF Reporting Portal available at: https://www.hhs.gov/coronavirus/cares-act-provider-relief-fund/reporting-auditing/index.html