Stefan Green and Dave Miller of Bank of America Practice Solutions recently notified us of their low interest rate promotion of just 1% for 18 months and then fixed for the remainder of the term at 3.43%. To qualify, please apply by 12/1/20.

According to Stefan, “Dave and I are excited to announce our Q4 promotion to help clients strengthen their financial situation and refinance old loans (outside of BofA).”

This low interest rate promotion applies to:

  • Practice acquisition and other debt consolidation (for non-BofA loans only)
  • Established practice projects including expansions, remodels, relocations, and additional locations
  • Owner occupied commercial real estate (for non-BofA loans only)

There is also a promotion for equipment purchases with 0% interest for the first 6 months.

For more info on these promotions, please email, and he’ll send you their official BofA Flyer and also personally reach out to Stefan and Dave with your contact information to make sure you receive the very best possible offer.