Later this year, most likely during June or July, our payroll team and staff accountants will be proactively helping our clients who utilize our firm?s payroll service with the info needed to prepare the loan forgiveness application.? Remember, we need the 6/30/20 payroll to be able to make the Safe Harbor calculation to help you maximize the loan forgiveness. Plus, the 8-week coverage period for most practices won?t end until the middle of June at the earliest.

Clients who work with other payroll services should request the necessary info directly from them. We can help you fill in the blanks once you receive what you need from the payroll company and make an initial stab at completing the application. If the payroll company you use doesn?t make things easy for you, please consider switching to us.

If you are not a client of my firm?s payroll service but would like us to contact your payroll company and take care of completing the entire PPP Loan Forgiveness Application on your behalf, the fee will be $600.