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Optimal Practice Transitions Schedules Open House For 12/3

In January 2021, Andrew Schwartz CPA and Ben Larkin ESQ joined together to open Optimal Practice Transitions LLC (, a brokerage for dental practices and other professional practices.  Together they have more than 40 years of...

Dec 9 Webinar For Dentists Looking To Go Out of Network with PPOs

Andrew Schwartz CPA and dental consultant Shelley Renee will be presenting a live streamed webinar at noon ET on Friday December 9 for dental practice owners considering going out of network with insurance companies. A lot of dental practice owners are getting very...

Make year-end item donations

Quick Reminder: It's a good time to make year-end donations of clothing & household items to charitable organizations. Don't forget to make a list, including each item's condition, since only items "good or better" qualify for deductions. Photos are helpful...

How long should you keep copies of your personal tax returns?

As a general “rule of thumb”, 3 years is all you need to keep copies of tax returns and related tax documents.  The IRS has a 3-year statute of limitations – meaning they generally will not go back more than 3 years to audit your tax returns, assuming the tax returns...

Wondering if you pay taxes on the sale of your house?

With the recent surge in home prices over the past couple of years, many taxpayers are selling their residences for significant capital gains.  Under the current tax rules, when selling a primary residence: a married couple filing a joint tax return is allowed to...

Social Security Max Jumps To $160,200 For 2023

Most years, the government bumps up the maximum Social Security taxes that you can pay.  For 2023, the maximum wage base jumps to $160,200, an increase of $13,200, or 9.0%, over the max of $147,000 that was in place for 2022. At a rate of 6.2%, the maximum Social...

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