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It May Be Time for a Quick “Check-Up”

Did you: have either a large balance due or refund received on your 2023 tax return change jobs the beginning of 2024 change your marital status this year? If so, we recommend contacting your tax preparer to see if any adjustments may need to be made to the taxes...

Be Sure to Check Your Paystub During the Year

“Surprises” on employee paychecks, though generally infrequent, do occur.  A few items to check throughout the year on your paystub to be sure your payroll company is reporting income and deductions accurately per your instructions throughout the year: Are your...

Still Waiting on Your 2023 US Tax Refund?

Most federal tax refunds are issued by the IRS within 21 days of filing a tax return.  However, there are infrequent situations when the IRS needs more time than normal to review a tax return and issue a refund.  The IRS has a simple to use tool on their website for...

Need to Pay Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments?

The IRS offers a quick and easy way to make your quarterly estimated tax payments online using their Direct Pay tool: Taxpayers can make a variety of tax federal payments via this IRS on-line payment tool, such as tax return...

Still Need to File a tax Return for Your Child’s W-2 They Received in January?

Frequently, children may need to file a tax return when they work a summer or part-time job while in school.  And although their income often is below the filing requirement threshold of owing any income tax, filing a tax return would be primarily to get the federal...

Now Available Online – Watch Alex’s Recent Financial Webinars

If you missed any of Alex Oliver's great webinars this tax season, don't worry!  We've posted recordings of them on our Webinar Library: INVESTMENT VISION FOR 2024 What does the climate look like for investing in 2024? Last year saw a rally in stocks amidst rising...

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We’ve made their recordings available on our site and on our YouTube channel.



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