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Don’t Miss Out on Retirement Planning If You’re Self-Employed

Many of our clients are self-employed; most commonly working in their own private practice, providing consulting services or holding positions as locum tenens.   And often, this group of self-employed taxpayers have no employees.  For our small business self-employed...

Key Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

Two key tax deductions taxpayers shouldn’t overlook when they are self-employed: automobile deductions and home office deductions. One major tax advantage that self-employed individuals have over W-2 employees is that self-employed taxpayers can deduct their business...

Solo 401(k) Filing Reminder

For self-employed individuals and business entities that have a Solo 401(k) as their company retirement plan, don’t forget to file with the IRS your company Form 5500-EZ if the plan’s asset value is $250,000 or greater at the end of the 2023 calendar year.  If at that...

Upcoming Deadlines For Practice Owners

Everything takes time and nothing these days seems to be easy.  With that in mind, please be aware of the following deadlines coming up during the second half of 2024: 12/31/24: Filing the Beneficial Owner Information Report: In 2024, a stringent new filing...

Massachusetts Wants to Pay For Your Staff Training

Did you know that Massachusetts offers a Workforce Training Fund Program called the Express Program that provides employers with fast, simple access to grant-funded training? Only businesses with 100 or fewer Massachusetts employees are eligible for full reimbursement...

Attracting and Hiring the Best: A Guide for Modern Leaders

From Guest Writer Don Khouri, Fortune Management Executive Coach In today's rapidly evolving job market, attracting and retaining top talent is about creating an environment where employees feel trusted, valued, and excited about their contributions. In other words,...

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